Prep That Property—Easy Fixes to Showcase Your House

You’ve moved past any hesitation about selling your home and now you’re ready to (literally) get going. But how do you maximize your home’s potential so it will sell quickly for the price you deserve?

Consider this easy to-do list for ways to make an enormous impact on how your home shows to a buyer.

The First Step

Take yourself on a tour of your home like a potential buyer would. Get into the buyer’s head: They want to picture themselves (and their stuff) in the space. Clear away over-sized furniture as you walk from room to room, so nothing blocks the path of a tour. Remove personalized décor and clutter and give everything a good scrub—creating an inviting atmosphere will put your home’s best foot forward.

Focus on the Front

When buyers pull up at the curb and wait for the door to be unlocked by the REALTOR®, they’ll have plenty of time to examine every inch of your front yard and entry.

Easy fixes:

  • Pressure wash walkways, siding, and the porch.
  • Remove cobwebs from light fixtures—clean sconces.
  • Freshly paint the front door; buff or replace old hardware.
  • Replace missing or torn window screens.
  • Add a winter-friendly potted plant next to the door.
  • Clean or replace the mailbox.
  • Roll out a new welcome mat.

Go Neutral

As buyers stroll from room to room, their focus should be on your home’s potential to fit their lifestyle—not yours. You may adore the “Mango Salsa” custom paint treatment in your master bath or pink zebra-striped rug in the dining room, but chances are that most buyers’ tastes might not be as adventurous. Replace highly customized décor in your home with neutral shades that won’t clash with (admittedly more boring) furniture and artwork.

Easy fixes:

  • For the cost of a few buckets of paint, it’s wise to tone down brightly colored walls for something more neutral.
  • The same thing goes for flooring materials—if it’s in the budget, replace worn or brightly colored carpet with beige or light gray tones.
  • Remove busy artwork and furniture—the fewer distractions there are, the bigger the space looks.
  • Speaking of neutral: Household smokers need to take their habit outside. Clean the carpets and furniture, paint walls to remove any evidence smokers lived there.

Appeal to the Chef

It’s no secret that a great kitchen sells a house more than almost any other feature. Focus attention on the best aspects of your home’s culinary epicenter.

Easy fixes

  • Organize cabinets and drawers (buyers will take a peek). Remove all but the most necessary cookware—emphasizing available storage space.
  • Remove kitchen gadgets from countertops—buyers want to see plenty of workspace.
  • Clean the refrigerator (especially if you want to sell it with the home).
  • Don’t cook food with strong aromas on showing days. Use a candle or essential oil diffuser with a light, clean scent.
  • Add one attractive focal point in a prominent spot (typically a kitchen island), like a bowl of fruit or flowers.

See It Like a Spa

Small touches can add a spa-like feel to any bathroom.

Easy fixes:

  • Hang white towels and a robe.
  • Add a new shower curtain or rug in a solid, pastel shade.
  • Remove toiletries from the countertop.
  • Close the toilet lid before a showing.
  • Replace dated faucets and fixtures.

Remember, your REALTOR® is the expert who can help you find the best ways to show off your home’s potential (and maximize your profit when it sells).

For more detailed tips on how to prep your home for tours, you don’t want to miss our handy checklist.

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