Home Buying 101

Young Couple Walkthrough

Don’t Fear the Final Walkthrough!

You’ve navigated major hurdles in your home purchase journey and you’re under contract. You’re excited for the final walkthrough but nervous that you might do something to cause the sale to fall apart. So you ask:

Why even HAVE a final walkthrough?

Could it cause a delay—a critical error so late in the game?

If I skip it, will I miss a problem that’s expensive to fix?

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Credit Application

Keep Escrow on Track: 3 Things to Consider When Handling Finances During the Closing

You did it! The ink is dry on your home purchase contract and the escrow clock is ticking. Now all you have to do is wait until closing day and that property will be your new home!

Not. So. Fast.

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Ethan Williams Averson Inspections

Buying a Home? A Central Texas Home Inspector Shares 5 Tips

Your offer on a home was accepted (check!), your financing was approved (check!), and you plunked down the earnest money (check!).

Now it’s time to schedule a professional home inspection.

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Charlsie Barfield and Kirbi Barbosa - Sojourn Agents

Making an offer on a house and feel confused? Check out these 5 best practices

We spoke with two of our own Central Texas REALTOR®s, Charlsie Barfield and Kirbi Barbosa to dive into the best way to make an offer on a property in a seller’s market – thus landing you in a home you love and can afford. Once your pre-approval is ready and you’ve decided which mortgage type fits you, you’re ready to make an offer.

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Sherry Orange, Fairway Mortgage Temple, TX

What kind of mortgage should I get for the property I want?

We spoke with Sherry Orange, a Loan Officer with Fairway Mortgage in Temple, Texas to discover how central texas homebuyers can get the property they want in a seller’s market. After getting that all-important pre-approval letter, the next step is being crystal clear with your lender about the intended use for the property you’re eyeing. Enjoy! Read more

Karly Lindell, Fairway Mortgage Temple

What is mortgage pre-approval, and do I really need it?

We spent some time with Karly Tindell of Fairway Mortgage in Temple, Texas to discover more about how homebuyers can win in a seller’s market, which includes getting a pre-approval letter from a qualified loan officer, like Karly. Enjoy! Read more

Why you need a realtor - couple meeting with REALTOR

Why You Need to Hire a Realtor

Until you’ve experienced all the steps involved in a property purchase, it’s tough to imagine how incredibly complicated it can be. For many buyers and sellers, the process is a lot like learning a foreign language—with really important consequences if you get don’t get the lingo just right.

That’s why having a trustworthy guide during a real estate transaction is so important. If you’re considering putting your house on the market or purchasing a property soon, strongly consider enlisting professional help. Think of a REALTOR® as a superhero—someone who appears by your side grabs your arm and leads you out of danger. While that might sound overly dramatic, the concept is solid—a real estate transaction requires expert leadership to keep you safely moving toward your goal.

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Prep That Property—Easy Fixes to Showcase Your House

You’ve moved past any hesitation about selling your home and now you’re ready to (literally) get going. But how do you maximize your home’s potential so it will sell quickly for the price you deserve?

Consider this easy to-do list for ways to make an enormous impact on how your home shows to a buyer.

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Home Buying Checklist

Spotting Potential Problems in a Home

A Peek Under the (Real Estate) Hood

You’ve found it—a home that checks all your boxes. Could it be that the end of your house hunt is in sight?

In the rush of excitement as you cross its threshold, proceeding with caution is probably the last thing on your mind. Caveat emptor (“let the buyer beware”) is a phrase that should come to mind at that very moment, though.

Use our Red Flag Checklist to ask important questions about potential problems with any home you tour. A prudent approach to home buying can save headaches (and money) later.

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Why Choose a Local Real Estate Agent?

Go Local for the Best Real Estate Advice

Anyone who remembers what the real estate market was like a few years (or decades) ago can appreciate the opportunity that today’s incredibly low mortgage interest rates present for homebuyers or sellers.

If you own a home, consider taking advantage of the current red-hot real estate market to upgrade to a new home or cash out of your current home. And for prospective homebuyers, if you want to get the most bang for your (mortgage interest) buck, now’s your chance.

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